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Meet The Wigglers

Set your avatar as your favourite member of the Wiggler family

  • Tutorial Tony

  • Respectful Robert

  • Dangerous Doug

  • Mad Maurice

  • Big Bill

  • Carefree Chester

  • Amazing Andrea

  • Li'l Mo

  • Talkative Tina

  • Gentle Geraldine

  • Humble Hazel

  • Mild-Mannered Miriam

WordWiggle Screenshot

How To Play

Create your sentence

Race against two or three other players to create the best sentence before the time runs out!

Pick your favourite

All players choose their favourite sentence from the sentences (Hey! No picking your own!) For each vote a sentence receives, the player gets a point!

WordWiggle Screenshot

Beat your friends.

Earn bragging rights.

Available for free on the iTunes App Store.

WordWiggle is a thing made by Sam Piggott. Say hi on Twitter!